Programming/Development Service of a Software Project
We are striving hard to fulfill our customers’ needs with innovative and optimal solutions. At one hand, we have the capabilities to understand corporate strategies, objectives in this ever-changing new world. On the other hand, we have the capabilities with the latest and newest technologies to implement the solutions with innovation and optimization..

Whether you seek a total solution, a service to complement your skills, or a partner with value-added expertise, we can help. We don’t just build your software; we help you build your business in the Internet age. We focus on the total process, the business goals, and the long-term strategy. From efficient and effective e-commerce and e-business systems to innovative Internet enabled company, we have the capabilities to analyze, design, build and deploy your strategic software applications.

Design Service
AKR provides design services for software applications. According to RUP, this work usually covers the Inception and Elaboration phases of a Software Development Project. Any UML conversant third-party software developer can pick the design works and then finish the SDLC with Construction and Transition Phases.

Component Development Service
AKR provides the design and development of components for the different tiers of an n-tier distributed Business Application. We have strong experience in middle ware EJB business components and client tier rich Java Swing Applets. We can leverage the Open Source robust tools to build robust components.

Tools Development Service
AKR provides the design and development of tools for other developers. We have long experience in building different tools, design patterns, application frameworks for our own use. We can leverage our experience with the Open Source Tools to build more tools, design patterns, application frameworks for you.

Prototype Development Service
AKR provides the design and development of prototypes as a proof of concept. Usually the Internet startups need prototypes before going to investors for its seed funding or first stage funding. We can leverage our experience of helping very innovative Silicon Valley startups to make prototypes for you. This service can help both new and old companies in the same way to prove their concept with small prototypes before making big investments.

Testing and QA Service
We provide Testing and Quality Assurance service for the software development projects. We follow a standard process for the Testing phase. Our Software Testing Group offers reliable, well-documented system testing services for OS independent and Internet/intranet-based applications..

Our standard testing deliverables are as follows
Software Test Plan (STP): Design the testing concept and resource planning Software Test Description (STD): Implement the concept into test cases Software Test: Test execution and analyze the results End of Cycle – Software Test Report (STR): Preparation for release / production and maintenance