Overseas Study And Tour (BADC)

Overseas Study and Tour (National)
SechBhabon , BADC , Dhaka

Tour in Chaina and Manila

Tour Objectives:

a)    The overall objective of this programme is to help bridge the current     deficit in qualified human resources and to enable officials of Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation (BADC) to learn the modern irrigation and agricultural technology.
b)    Exposure on the changing trends and best practices in Agriculture sector, especially in irrigation sub sector.
c)    To gain knowledge of the irrigation techniques by undertaking  field/site visits and implement the best practices in Bangladesh.

d)    To interact with the internationally known experts and faculty and gain knowledge about the best practices of irrigation and agriculture of different countries of the world.

e)    To gain theoretical understanding and practical knowledge.

f)     To learn reform process and development strategies and to have a comparative analysis of foreign country and Bangladesh.

After attending the training program, the following outcomes are expected:

i)    The officials will gain sound theoretical knowledge from the experts and faculty of CIWRHR
ii)   The officials will gain knowledge of global best practices in  irrigation and agriculture.

iii)  The officials will gain expertise to address the challenges back  home in Bangladesh.

iv)  The practical knowledge of implementation of the irrigation techniques through surface water etc. will be gained by the participants through field visits.

The main focus areas of the team were China:

  1. China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research, Beijing
  2. Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development in Agriculture
  3. China Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Beijing
  4. Crop Science Society of China
  5. Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and interaction

Picture: Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research, Beijing

Picture: Team Work

The main focus areas of the team were Manila:

  1. Visit to National Irrigation Authority (NIA)
  2. Visit to Volcano Island, Tagatay City
  3. Visit at Cabanatuan City
  4. National Irrigation Administration (NIA)
  5. AngatMaasim River Irrigation Systems (AMRIS)
  6. Communal Irrigation System, Laguna
  7. Private Irrigation System, Laguna

Picture: National Irrigation Authority (NIA)


Picture: Team Work